Sunshine for Most of US, Wintry Mix over Northeast and Northwest

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Another day of mostly mild and pleasant conditions for much of the US, with warm weather for the West and South, while a wintry mix will fall over a vast area of the Northwest and Northeast, and thunderstorms around Miami.

US weather overview: November 17, 2020

Abundant sunshine and mild conditions are in-store for most of the nation on Tuesday, with warm weather and parts of the West and South. In the Northeast and Northwest, a wintry mix is forecast over several states, with lake effect snow around the Great Lakes, while southern Florida will see rain and thunderstorms.

Northwest: Mixed precipitation over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, northwestern Wyoming, northern and western Nevada, northern California and along the Sierra, where heavy snow is possible. Rain for central and northern California, with thunderstorms for western Oregon and Washington.

Great Lakes: Areas surrounding the Great Lakes and East will see lake effect snow on Tuesday.

Northeast: Mixed precipitation over Michigan, central and northern Ohio, West Virginia, western Virginia, northwestern North Carolina, northeastern Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Florida: Thunderstorms around southern Florida, including Miami and the Keys.

Hurricane Iota strengthens two Category 5, breaks records

Hurricane Iota intensified to a Category 5 hurricane, delivering maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. There has been at least one Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic each season and the past five years, the Weather Channel reports. Hurricane Iota also for the latest formation of a category 5 hurricane in a season, November 16, topping old record of November 8, set in 1932.

Phoenix sees its latest 90 degrees day in history in record-setting year

The latest date in the year the temperature reached 90 degrees was set in Phoenix yesterday, November 16, beating the previous record of November 15 set in 1999, 12News reported.

Phoenix is forecast to reach 90 degrees on Tuesday, and would top yesterday’s record. Typically, the last 90 degree day seen in Phoenix occurs around the end of October.

Tucson also set heat records this year and is expecting 90 degree temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Phoenix set a record this year for the most days reaching triple-digit heat, besting the record of 143 days set in 1989, by reaching 144 days in 2020. Phoenix saw 50 days in 2020 with a high temperature of at least 110 degrees, topping a record of 33 days set in 2011.

Today’s US forecast: November 17, 2020

West: San Francisco 61, rain; Los Angeles 80, sunny; Reno 62, windy; Las Vegas 77, sunny; Salt Lake City 65, mostly sunny; Denver 69, sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 56, rain; Medford 57, rain; Boise 49, cloudy; Cut Bank 45, partly cloudy; Billings 57, partly cloudy; Minot 39, partly cloudy; Rapid City 59, sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 90, mostly sunny; Albuquerque 68, sunny; El Paso 79, partly cloudy; San Antonio 76, mostly sunny; Brownsville 81, partly cloudy.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 72, mostly sunny; Dallas 74, sunny; Oklahoma City 71, sunny; Kansas City 58, sunny; Minneapolis 34, mostly sunny.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 43, sunny; St. Louis 49, sunny; Detroit 36, snow; Cincinnati 44, mostly sunny.

South: Houston 76, sunny; New Orleans 74, sunny; Memphis 62, sunny; Atlanta 59, sunny; Charlotte 60, sunny; Jacksonville 72, seventy; Tampa 76, partly cloudy; Miami 81, thunderstorms.

East: Norfolk 60, partly cloudy; Washington, D.C. 53, mostly sunny; Buffalo 38 rain; New York City 48, cloudy; Boston 47, partly cloudy; Caribou 34, partly cloudy.