Severe Weather Threat for Midwest Next 2 Days, Major Storm in West


Severe weather is set to ramp up in the Midwest on Wednesday, with extreme winds and storms, while an atmospheric River in the West will dump feet of snow over California, Nevada, and Western other states.

Strong winds on Tuesday, Midwest facing severe weather on Wednesday

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued numerous wind warnings, watches, and advisories for West, Southwest, and Central US areas on Tuesday. The warnings stretch from Southern California across the Midwest, North into the Dakotas, south into Texas, and East into Illinois and Wisconsin.

A cold front over the northern tier will meet a boundary of thunderstorms in the central US, setting the stage for potentially severe weather, particularly over southern Minnesota into north and central Iowa. Wind gusts of 60 mph and higher are anticipated, leading to difficulty driving, with potential damage and power outages, KWWL reported.

Fox reported that the threat of severe thunderstorms is currently low, but an isolated severe storm is possible. However, the NWS has flagged Iowa and Minnesota for possible severe thunderstorms.

Atmospheric River to bring heavy snow to the West

An atmospheric River is poised to drop several inches of rain over California and feet of snow in some areas, particularly the Sierra. CNN reported that strong winds with gusts between 40-60 mph and extreme winds between 100-120 mph in the exposed Sierra ridges will deliver heavy snow and produce white-out conditions.

According to the NWS weather prediction Center: “The heavy snow will be a long-duration event over the Cascades, Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Northern Rockies.”

The storm is expected to deliver snow as far south as San Diego in elevations above 6000 feet, ABC 10 News reported. Strong winds in the region are expected to create rough seas hazardous to small craft. A Gail watch has been issued.

3-day forecast

Here’s the latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service.

Tuesday: Heavy snow in the West over California, Nevada, northern Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Snow also over Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Wednesday: Heavy snow over Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Snow also over Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and North Dakota. Potential ice storms over Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Thunderstorms over Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, eastern Texas, and Florida. Potential severe weather over southern Minnesota into northern and central Iowa.

Thursday: Snow over Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Thunderstorms over eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. Potential ice storm over northern Maine.