Severe Storms in the Plains, Heat in the Southwest, South and East


Severe thunderstorms across the nation’s midsection today, potential record-breaking heat in Northeast, rain in mid-Atlantic and Southeast, hot in the West – more of today’s forecast and a look ahead at the weekend.

Today’s weather outlook

Your Friday will bring mild temperatures through the upper Midwest and northern Ohio Valley, although severe weather is expected through the central Plains. There will be lots of heat and humidity, warm throughout the South and mid-Atlantic, and potentially record-breaking hot in the Northeast.

It will be warm in the Northwest and Northern Rockies, mild-to-warm the West, but hot conditions in the southern areas and Southwest.

Severe weather in the Midwest

Friday will bring a lot of heat and humidity, as well as the chance for severe thunderstorms across the nation’s midsection. There’s a cold front slicing through the middle of the country and when it moves towards the plains and collides with the warmer air, that’s when severe storms will start to kick up. Strong thunderstorms will be possible from Minnesota, south through Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and into Texas.

In particular, the National Weather Service is predicting severe thunderstorms over north-central Texas, extending into southwestern Oklahoma, as well as the potential for flash flooding, which also stretches through western, central, and northeastern Oklahoma, reaching into southeastern Kansas.

The specific area under the greatest risk of severe weather today, at a Level 2 out of 5, is north of Midland, Texas through Lubbock and into Amarillo, as well as into the southwestern corner of Oklahoma. The threats include damaging winds and large hail, but isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

Rain in mid-Atlantic and Southeast

The upper level low remains over the mid-Atlantic and parts of the Southeast, bringing more thunderstorms and rainfall, but will begin to push out on Friday.

The southern US will see temperatures in the low 90s.

Hot in the Northeast

Heat will push from the upper Midwest into the Northeast on Friday, sending temperatures soaring. Caribou, Maine is forecast to reach 97 degrees and set to break its all-time record high of 95 degrees set in 1991 and Bangor could do the same.

West, Southwest

To the west and southwest, more hot conditions, with triple digits in many areas. It will be mostly dry except for Colorado, Texas and eastern New Mexico.

Get ready for a big heat jump

As we reach the first day of summer on Saturday, over the weekend and through next week, we’re going to see temperatures ramp up dramatically. The mercury will climb 10-20 degrees above average and temperatures could be record-breaking in some areas.

Today’s US forecast: June 19, 2020

West: San Francisco 67, mostly sunny; Los Angeles 74, partly cloudy; Reno 86, mostly sunny; Las Vegas 101, sunny; Salt Lake City 77, sunny; Denver 70, thunderstorms.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 80, partly cloudy; Medford 93, partly cloudy; Boise 76, mostly sunny; Cut Bank 67, thunderstorms; Billings 73, partly cloudy; Minot 72, partly cloudy; Rapid City 69, rain.

Southwest: Phoenix 103, sunny; Albuquerque 92, sunny; El Paso 99, sunny; San Antonio 90, thunderstorms; Brownsville 90, thunderstorms.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 89, thunderstorms; Dallas 94, partly cloudy; Oklahoma City 88, thunderstorms; Kansas City 80, thunderstorms; Minneapolis 80, partly cloudy.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 90, partly cloudy; St. Louis 92, mostly sunny; Detroit 85, mostly sunny; Cincinnati 88, mostly sunny.

South: Houston 92, partly cloudy; New Orleans 91, mostly sunny; Memphis 92, mostly sunny; Atlanta 85, partly cloudy; Charlotte 83, thunderstorms; Jacksonville 89, thunderstorms; Tampa 88, thunderstorms; Miami 86, thunderstorms.

East: Norfolk 83, thunderstorms; Washington, D.C. 81, thunderstorms; Buffalo 78, mostly sunny; New York City 81, mostly sunny; Boston 90, partly cloudy; Caribou 97, sunny.