Abundant Sunshine and Mild Conditions for Most of the US

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If there’s such a thing as postcard-perfect weather, then much of the nation will be experiencing it on Wednesday with abundant sunshine and dry conditions except for a few wet spots on either coast – today’s forecast.

Most of the US to see mild and sunny weather

The continental United States will enjoy mostly mild weather on Wednesday, with lots of sunshine and dry conditions. There will be a few wet spots in the following areas:


Washington: thunderstorms over western areas, mixed precipitation over the north-central region and rain in the Northeast; Oregon: rain along the West Coast and north central region; Idaho: rain in the north; Montana: rain and mixed precipitation in the northwest corner of the state. California: Rain in the northwest corner of northern California.

Central US:

Texas: Rain along the southern Gulf coast from Corpus Christi to Brownsville.


Florida: thunderstorms along the eastern coast and over The Keys, some showers may move inland into the central areas; Georgia: Rain along the Atlantic coast. South Carolina: rain along the Atlantic coast.

High wind advisories for portions of Montana

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a high wind watch for portions of central Montana.

Tropical Storm Eta could move toward South Florida

South Florida is now in the latest projection path of Eta, which has weakened from a hurricane into a Tropical Storm. The most recent projection by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Wednesday morning shows the slow-moving storm traveling over Cuba on Sunday and crossing over The Keys and South Florida on Monday.

The main threat will be rainfall over Florida. However, forecasters also advised that the path of the storm could change over the next several days, Fox 13 reported.

Today’s weather forecast: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

West: San Francisco 66, sunny; Los Angeles 80, sunny; Reno 75, sunny; Las Vegas 84, sunny; Salt Lake City 70, mostly sunny; Denver 76, partly cloudy.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 57 rain; Medford 73, sunny; Boise 66, mostly sunny; Cut Bank 70, windy; Billings 72, sunny; Minot 69, sunny; Rapid City 77, sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 91, mostly sunny; Albuquerque 69, sunny; El Paso 77, sunny; San Antonio 79, mostly sunny; Brownsville 80, mostly sunny.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 77, partly cloudy; Dallas 78, mostly sunny; Oklahoma City 76, sunny; Kansas City 76, sunny; Minneapolis 70, sunny.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 69, sunny; St. Louis 72, sunny; Detroit 57, sunny; Cincinnati 64, sunny.

South: Houston 77, sunny; New Orleans 69, sunny; Memphis 69, sunny; Atlanta 63, sunny; Charlotte 66, sunny; Jacksonville 69, sunny; Tampa 80, mostly sunny; Miami 78, partly cloudy.

East: Norfolk 62, sunny; Washington, D.C. 62, sunny; Buffalo 49, cloudy; New York City 56, cloudy; Boston 42, partly cloudy; Caribou 32, sunny.