Snow in the Sahara, 2 More Winter Storms Brewing, and 3-day Forecast

Megan Smith

Forecasters are watching two potential storms brewing that could ramp up mid- and late-week while snow falls in the Sahara, and the 3-day forecast shows freezing rain and thunderstorms in the South and upper Midwest. Two winter storms brewing could affect the US this week Meteorologists are closely watching the …

Dog Missing for 4 Months Found Trapped in Snow and Your 3-Day Forecast

Megan Smith

After last summer’s California wildfires, a dog that went missing has been found trapped in snow, plus the latest weather news and your 3-day forecast. Four months later: Missing dog found trapped in deep snow on California Mountain During the Caldor fire near Lake Tahoe, California, last August, a dog …

Massive Snow Event and Arctic Air Coming Together in Quick-Hitting Storms

Megan Smith

Winter weather alerts from the West Coast to the Great Lakes on Tuesday; quick-hitting storms are bringing massive snow and frigid arctic air on Wednesday and Thursday; plus, thousands of motorists trapped in the snow. 3-day winter weather forecast Here is your forecast over the next three days from the National …

Massive Storm Causes Travel Chaos, Nearly 90K without Power in West

Megan Smith

The Christmas travel nightmare continues as a powerful storm has led to additional flight cancellations, travel difficulties across the nation, as well as power outages in several states in the West; plus, more weather news. Winter weather alerts for Monday, December 27 Winter weather coast-to-coast as the National Weather Service …

Severe Weather Threat for Midwest Next 2 Days, Major Storm in West

Megan Smith

Severe weather is set to ramp up in the Midwest on Wednesday, with extreme winds and storms, while an atmospheric River in the West will dump feet of snow over California, Nevada, and Western other states. Strong winds on Tuesday, Midwest facing severe weather on Wednesday The National Weather Service …

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